There is a saying that says “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap goods”, and the same could often be applied to buying an apartment or a house.

The price of real estate is an important factor in the decision to buy, but it is also important to think about what we gain and what we lose, attracted by an irresistible package with the inscription “FAVORABLE”. If we are in a dilemma to buy an apartment or a house, we should keep in mind the fact that buying a house, apart from the factors that attract us peace, greenery, the possibility of expansion implies long-term regular financial investment in maintenance, which again causes the need for time and money. With this dilemma, the best question is how much time do we spend using our dream corner or buying a vision of rest and relaxation that still remains something between our reality and desires, and we are additionally burdened with obligations around it. A vision that costs and its location is between what you would like and a bunch of work, obligations and the typhoon life rhythm.

Therefore, the thesis “I will buy a cheap property, be it an apartment or a house” must include a rational calculation of further costs for adaptation and maintenance. If we decide to buy a property in a less attractive location in order to save money, we should pay attention to the long-term transportation costs to make sure that we have made a valid choice. If the property is in poor condition, it is necessary to deal with a serious calculation of the necessary construction work, and especially to check the installations if it is in question and mostly older construction. In case you decide for the top floor, you must keep in mind that it is necessary to check the condition of the roof and it is important to know that roofing work is one of the most demanding items in the field of construction in both financial and performance terms.

So for a peaceful sleep after the purchase, if you decide to renovate make sure you are rich enough to buy devastated real estate and that after the renovation you still have a good price per square meter, if so you have done a good trade.

Price is the first factor of an attractive offer, but the key factor is the balance of the final product you expect, the real cost and the value offered.