The position of the seller and buyer of real estate is similar to two diplomats at the negotiating table who look at the subject of interest from different angles, each side wants to get a better position, and almost identical financial reasons are the initial capsule of “war”. This metaphor may sound harsh, but things are better understood if we slightly exaggerate them. The interest of the seller is to get the highest possible price for his real estate so that we do not enter into the reasons for the sale which are intimate in nature unless they interfere with the legal validity of the property, so the seller tries to “get rid” of the apartment, collect money that does not belong to him.

However, such cases are rare and now a thing of the past, especially if the Contract is notarized by a conscientious Notary, who is obliged to warn the buyer of the risks and consequences of the legal transaction. So the enormously low price of the apartment is a signal to the buyer for extra caution. Real estate that can be properly traded, with proper ownership is subject to sale and as such is available to buyers.

Considering that respect is generally experiencing a collapse and is dragging through our Bosnia and Herzegovina like a broken rag, it is no wonder that in the world of real estate there are moments when the seller orders the buyer well because of the offer for the real estate in question.

Thus, a conscientious buyer has the right to an opinion, to his own perception of the value for the inspected real estate and has the right to express that opinion in the form of an “offer behind it”. The seller disposes of his property as he wants and places the price he wants, but there is a culture of communication and respect for other and different opinions, which should lead the seller to thank him for the offer if it does not suit him no matter how much it exceeds his expectations. It’s a conscientious salesman.

A conscientious customer should meet several conditions:
1. Do not underestimate real estate
2. If he makes an offer for a real estate, he should do so clearly, decisively and behind his offer he should “stand” in the sense that if the seller agrees to it, the trade should be completed.

So, whether you are selling or buying without throwing a glove in your face, it is not a duel but a gentleman’s agreement.